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New MK3S fail  

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New MK3S fail

Just bought my brand new MK3S, pre-assembled, on Black Friday, have been printing with it regularly until today when it crashed, and now it won't print. Goes into auto level, after the third point it stops halfway to the fourth and then veers off and goes off into useless gyrations in an endless loop. I noticed a lot of resistance pulling the bed forward with the power off, but pushing it back not so much.

What are my options here?

Posted : 17/12/2019 5:12 am
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RE: New MK3S fail

When its pre assembled chat the support ont he shop site.


Either i would start to remove the y axis(bed) belt and push the bed manualy, without involved pulley and steppermotor. When it does not feel easy, the same thing happened to you as hundrets other people, inxluding me. Jammed linear besrings and veey likely jammed rods. For some reasin prusas beliving in that the bearings are greased by factory is wrong. Its an anto coeeosive transport ool, every manufacturer of these bearings tells this.


If your bed is moving freeley, you can check the idler pulley gear if its freely. 

Then again you should contact the support. If its not one of this two they tell you what to check next, if ine of both are jammed, they send you replacement

Posted : 17/12/2019 5:29 am