Problem: First layer calibration different for different materials

Problem: First layer calibration different for different materials  

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I have assembled my MK3s for several weeks and has been using it to print a lot of PLA and PETG materials without any problem. Yesterday I got a spool of black eSUN ABS. After a few prints I noticed the problem with first layer calibration:

If I use PLA for calibration then print with ABS, the first layer of ABS becomes so thin that it would start peeling.
If I use ABS for calibration then print with PLA, the first layer of PLA becomes so thick that adjacent wires won't stick with each other.

My current solution is re-calibrate first layer for different material. It is so inconvenient. Does anybody have the same problem? What is the root cause of the problem? I'm guessing its the distance sensor's value lacks temperature compensation, what do you guys think? Do I need to get new hardware or there would be a firmware fix for this issue?

The firmware I'm using is 3.7.2.



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Some filaments require Live-Z adjustment. Many people find that PETG prints better with a higher (less negative) adjustment of 0.2mm. I tend to go with less but still raise it slightly. Different filaments will have different requirements. It is possible to put offsets into your filament profile startup gcode, but I find these cumbersome and still require manual tweaks now and then. I suggest just observing the 1st layer printing when switching filament types and doing a quick bump up or down as needed. You'll quickly learn how much to adjust each by.

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