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My first two days with the Palette 3  

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My first two days with the Palette 3

I was super excited to see the new Mosaic Palette 3 show up on my doorsteps a couple of days ago, after a long wait.

Now on day 2 of my "experience" with it, it's been nothing but depressing.

Setting it up wasn't too hard to figure out despite best efforts made by Mosaic with their documentation to obfuscate this process…

Loaded two filaments for the test print. Nowhere in the onboarding does it specify what filament type to use but I assumed PLA was a safe guess. It went through a lot of filament movements and eventually filament got loaded into the extruder, at which the Palette claimed no filament movement was detected. When I unloaded everything, the filament strand was broken at the splice site, not a good sign.

But wait, it gets better.

The next attempts all ended up with this:

Four times, cleaning up the mess, resetting the Palette to original settings, going through onboarding, ending up with the same picture.  At point I had realized that the filament never made it into the outgoing tube and even though I didn't see anything visibly wrong, I took out the brass fitting and reseated it. Lo and behold, the next cycle of resetting, onboarding, and test printing made it all the way to filament going into the extruder, and in fact the test print started. After 10 minutes, when the display claimed that 30% had been printed but still 1h 15 min to go (how that math works is beyond me), I got this message on my Mk3S+:

Unload filament? Huh? At this point I gave up.

I'm trying to work with support but the only option to communicate with them is asynchronously by email, which is killing me.

Oh well, I'm not willing to give up hope yet but at this point it looks like the Palette is not going to be any more fun than the MMU2.

Posted : 28/10/2021 6:24 pm
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I must admit that's the first time I've heard about Palette... seems to be quite interesting add-on for 3D printer. Didn't check the price, but I can imagine it's not that cheap.
Thank you for reporting about it.. hopefully you'll make it run as expected 😏 

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Posted : 28/10/2021 9:11 pm

Hi. fuchsr

IIRC when I got the Palette2S Pro, the instructions told you to turn the filament sensor off.... 

could I suggest you try turning the Prusa Filament sensor off, and relying on the filament sensors in the palette. 

regards Joan


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Posted : 28/10/2021 9:24 pm
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Yes, the filament sensor needs to be turned off on the Prusa

Posted : 02/11/2021 1:18 am