MK3S pauses print on Mac if running another program

MK3S pauses print on Mac if running another program  

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so here is the breakdown.

I set up and start a print through pronterface on my  Apple Computer.

I put the pronterface in the background and open another program. Shortly after the printer will stop moving and sit in one spot until I bring the pronterface out of the background.  Once I bring it out of the background it starts printing again.


Also while printing I don’t seem to have access to the Internet, my browser stalls on all sites.


Any ideas as to why?

Posted : 06/07/2020 11:17 pm
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Some detail on your Mac would be useful. Any reason you're printing from Pronterface and not off the SD card? The problem can go the other way if your Mac gets busy mid-print and doesn't feed the printer commands. 

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Posted : 07/07/2020 3:10 am

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