mk3s board usb not show need firmware to flash 32u2 so hope usb plug in show name

mk3s board usb not show need firmware to flash 32u2 so hope usb plug in show name  

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something wrong with board.  usb wont show name when connect. i try change usb cable and did not work.

i would like to arduino uno isp direct connect to mk3s board isp i try dig info for 32u2 how upload it. if they know how i would like info how do it.

try fix it to restore back to usb show name when it connect.

Posted : 06/11/2020 1:31 pm

have you disabled the internal raspberrypi interface, using the LCD Display?

if you want information about the firmware configuration, all of the required files are available on the Prusa Mk3S Github page. 


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Posted : 06/11/2020 2:27 pm
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I did try both enable or disable and USB won't show. I try update driver hope detect but no.

If I want flash to USB does not see USB at all. (From windows)

I came up idea try fedora boot USB and try detect USB and use command to look at all USB the board do not exist.

I will try githut I think I been there. Try resolve is ardunio uno use isp to board isp base on 32u2 do with USB between mega2560 chip


Posted : 07/11/2020 3:50 am
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I found web pride usb-serial firmware for 32u2.

I had to do on Linux use term command avrdude I try backup firmware. Seem not working. I make sure sd card is not there and power off does not get to work. But I did not unplug connect from machine.

I was think maybe it will work if everything is disconnect and arduino uno icsp to mk3s board so 32u2 could restore so pc can see USB  again?

Do you have info for use avrdude correct info for back up than tell don't touch eprom and write to 32u2  I want to make sure exact the same info what I was try to make work. The board is actual over 1 year old it not suppose be problem with pc USB not show anymore (say unknown usb)

At the moment board still working with sd or ras  pi  zero use serial port though board. Need restore USB  will be good if fix.

Please note ras pi zero (ocotoprint) is unable to flash firmware direct to mega2560. I follow web every details.

Posted : 10/11/2020 9:23 pm

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