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Mintemp AMB  

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Mintemp AMB

Hey all,

I am looking for help around this problem related to the onboard ambient temperature sensor. It is reading the right temperature however the value is negative cause the system to halt. It works great up to firmware 3.90 just before they added the ambient temperature check. 

Has anyone got a lead on where  I could possibly modify later firwmares (3.91 onwards)  in the firmware to turn the value to positive or bypass the ambient temperature checks?


Posted : 27/07/2021 7:14 am
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The whole Mintemp thing is a mess

Hi there,

Sorry I can't help. However I do sympathize.

I live in Tasmania which is pretty close to the Antarctic, and being a sensible person, I keep my printer and it's fumes/emissions in my garage where it can't affect my family.

Every time I go to print something I have to heat up the nozzle and the bed manually, before I can start working.

Prusa need to do something about this. There is more than one way to check it's safe to print, than this hopeless MINTEMP system. The printer has 3 thermistors on it, and all that's necessary is to check that all 3 are in reasonable agreement before starting a print.

Users have been complaining about this for years, but the saga continues.

Best wishes


Chris, Tasmania.


Posted : 19/08/2021 10:51 am