Min temp error 3.90 could be fixed now?  

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I have had repeated min temp errors over the last few months, My Mk3s even went back to the factory to try and sort this out.

just been reading what is in the new 3.9 Fw. it looks like they have changed the temp from 15 or 16c to 10c

I had always felt that 15c was far too high, my printing area is never below 18,  in winter which is very close to what the error is set at.

if the sensor is a bit off, you will get the error nearly every time you print.

I have put the 3.9 in and all seems good so far, i like the plate name on the menu screen.

not sure about the brightness control

so could the temp error be a thing of the past, hope so

Posted : 28/05/2020 7:44 pm

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