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Looking for suggestions Err Mintemp monster  

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Looking for suggestions Err Mintemp monster

Anyone have a suggestion of how to get this monster off my print head.  I had the printer running over night and woke up to this with the printer showing a err mintemp warning.  I can see the PID is snapped off because of the mess - and a few other things.. which may be the reason for the warning.  But how does one go about cleaning this up?  A blow torch to soften the plastic.  Perhaps the oven?


Posted : 29/07/2021 12:16 pm

I use a soldering iron to carve the bulk away!

I have an old temperature controlled iron and I set it to 250c for pla

it's likely your thermistor wires have broken, so a spare would be a good idea

regards Joan

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Posted : 29/07/2021 7:30 pm