LCD menu shows for flash moment and disappears  

Olli Seppälä
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Just finished assembling i3MK3S+ Kit

self test failed, (cable tie locks prevented some sideways movement), fixed it, but cannot start the self test again.
cannot access calibration menu.
cannot access LCD menu by pressing the knob, after factory reset, the LCD menu shows as a blink, and disappears.
only thing on display is the window showing temperatures, and the percentage etc.
as I turned the printed sideways in order to check cable connections, the LCD menu occasionally shows on top of the other window (the temp settings etc)

Posted : 09/05/2021 8:22 pm
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Can you post an image or video?

Chuck H
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Posted : 09/05/2021 8:26 pm
Olli Seppälä
New Member

video is behind this link


Posted : 09/05/2021 8:55 pm

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