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Jams and under extrusion driving me crazy  

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Jams and under extrusion driving me crazy

I've had my MK3S for two weeks or so now, and initially everything was going smooth. However since changing the nozzle I've been having clogs like crazy. I've tried everything I can find online, multiple times.

  • Reseat and replace PTFE tube
  • Use clip on the the PTFE tube collet (without it the tube can be moved up and down after printing for a bit)
  • Reassemble the hotend
  • dozens of cold pulls
  • other filament
  • Change print  temperatures
  • Change retraction, print speed etc

I think the jams seem to mostly happen when there are many of retractions, the beginning is always perfect after a cold pull. Then about 30 minutes into the print things start clogging up. It's worse when using .10 layers I guess because the PLA flows more slowly because it is simply used more slowly.

Could it be that I'm having the heatbreak "ridge" issue described in this video below?

My cold pulls look like this:

I'm at my wit's end, if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!

Posted : 29/06/2019 4:18 pm
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RE: Jams and under extrusion driving me crazy

Did you follow the E3D-V6 procedure for changing nozzles?   Most new users don't, and it causes them no end of troubles.

Posted : 01/07/2019 11:53 pm