i3 MK3S Just assembled and replaced my hotend and there is no live z that works now

i3 MK3S Just assembled and replaced my hotend and there is no live z that works now  

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I had to replace my hotend because I got a blob that ate the thermistor wire, breaking it when I tried to clean it off. I ended up getting new parts  the hotend except the heatsink and reassembling it myself. I'm worried I did something wrong but can't figure out what, everything looks correct on the hardware side but there is no Live Z that works for anything but a simple/small print. Using both PLA and PETG on textured sheet.

When I try to do the live Z adjust (usually with the wonderful Life Z version) I can get the box perfect but when I go to print an object if there are complex lines the filament will eventually pick up and start to stick to the hotend; it will go perfect for awhile then suddenly have a bump and stick. I've tried both PETG (brand new prusament) and PLA, using the textured sheet, and I get the exact same issue no matter what I do. Adhesion doesn't seem to be an issue, when I cancel the print for PETG I still need to pull the sheet off and bend to get the filament off. I can print tiny objects with minimal/simple first layers (a little gear for example) and they come out nice, but I'm trying to print face shields and it's just not working no matter what I do.

I've taken apart and reassembled the hotend, I've done cold pulls that come out perfect, I've done all the calibrations multiple times, cleaned the bed with 99% IPA, dried the filament in my dehydrator, but nothing I do works and I'm at wits end. If anyone has any ideas where to look it'd be much appreciated! Thanks! 


Posted : 25/05/2020 8:14 am
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Let us see your first layer.

Search the forum on first layer , there you find a lot of tips on how to clean, and a movie how your first layer should look like.

If you get blobs then your model is not sticking enough, or /and first layer is not good enough.(plate not clean enough).

PLA sticks not as good on powder coated plate, pei is better for pla, for powder coated the settings need to be very good.

Posted : 25/05/2020 8:48 am
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I suspect all that manhandling has contaminated the plate. Take the plate and wash it in hot soapy water (I do this by putting the soap on a non-scratch washing up pad and not in the water). Rinse and dry well. Once it's back on the bed IPA it and give it another go. 


Posted : 25/05/2020 10:07 am

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