I need a thermistor. What else should I be getting as well?

I need a thermistor. What else should I be getting as well?  

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As long as I am paying for shipping from the Czech Republic, what else would be smart to buy?

I think Josef is a decent guy with a great business philosophy, and I want to support that. So what else should I be stocking up on as long as they are mailing me a tiny little thermistor?

What would be nice to have, or go bad soon, or be hard to locate?




Posted : 18/04/2021 7:12 am
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The answer depends on where you live, I guess. For me, in the U.S.A., I can easily buy thermistors, heater elements, etc on Amazon. If I want to save money and wait for weeks, I could use Aliexpress. The only things I order from Prusa directly is smooth and satin steel sheets, and Prusament filament. It's not my primary filament but I just love to always have a roll of Prusament Orange and Galaxy Silver around...

For a general answer on what to have in store, I would add heater elements, print bed thermistors, a complete preassembled hotend (for rapid swaps), 

Posted : 18/04/2021 11:58 am
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Don't forget Printed Solid and Filastruder.  Both sell parts for Prusa and ship quick.  

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Posted : 18/04/2021 2:25 pm

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