Huge problem - Running 6 MK3S and every day got clogs in very random moments and printers. Whole info in the post.
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Huge problem - Running 6 MK3S and every day got clogs in very random moments and printers. Whole info in the post.  

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Huge problem - Running 6 MK3S and every day got clogs in very random moments and printers. Whole info in the post.

Hello! I would love to get some help from the community, because I am at the end of my mental nerves right now.

Problem: Got very random PLA filament clogs and extruder clicking which always need to be resolved by unloading filament, sticking a 1.7mm needle from upper side to push leftovers down the nozzle, sticking the 0.4 needle from lower side to clean nozzle and then doing one or two coldpulls.

The print is almost always failed after thatand my inner peace too.

All of the printers got upgraded Sunon heatsink fan, which was told to help reduce temperature traveling upward the hotend.

All of the printers got original E3D sillicon sock on the hotend for few weeks now, which were told reduces temperature drops starting on second layer. (the problem occured before installing them)

One of the printer got changed heatbreak from Prusa's to original E3D without the 2.2mm limp inside - you know - the one that if you install you will never get a PLA clog again. Printer started to clog next day after the change 🙂

All of the printers have sponges on filament just before extruder body to filter dust. I use it only for like a week, hoped that it will help - nope, still clogs like always.

Currently its winter here so room remperature is about 22C - nothing too high.


Technicalities - printing for almost 2 years with the same filament brand and color - Fiberlogy EASY PLA Beige. I feel very confident with my printers, all of them are kits and I do maintenances by myself. First the summer was a problem because of the higher temperature and only the summer was problematic (still this is something I wish I could avoid). Last winter was easy and problemless.

This winter I am just getting my mental health tested because I can not even sleep well, because statistically one of 6 printers will always start to click.

Printing - ornaments, with unfortunately a lot of retractions which I am sure are major factor for my problems, but one printer started clicking on a print that had almost zero retractions and was very straight forward (maybe it was the exception).

Please check the image for retractions. This screen and profile is way better profile than I have used for almost 2 years but still - it is getting me clogs. I started to tweak it because the old one started with the problems. I was hoping that with such drastic changes something will work better but it is the same almost.

(purple dots are retractions, but maybe it shouldnt be my main concern?)

Here are some of my most important settings:


I really don't know what to do. I have always though about Prusa machines as the most incredible ones. I am buying even more when I have to grow my print farm but the thing that is going on for like 2 months is giving me such a headache.

Would be awesome to get any help from you, I am willing to cooperate and will reply to your ideas 🙂

If I could imagine running them without A SINGLE PROBLEM like that would be a heaven for me 🙂



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Posted : 06/12/2021 6:58 pm
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When a whole bunch of machines start showing the same problem then I begin to suspect environment and filament...

The commonest problem this year in many parts of the world has been humidity causing damp-filament issues.  Jamming is not the usual symptom but drying some filament as a test can't hurt.

How do you store your filaments and how old is your stock?

I would remove the socks from half the printers to get comparitive data.

Please supply a picture of one of the failed prints, top and bottom.



Posted : 06/12/2021 8:15 pm