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Heater Cartridge Cable Broke, Do I Need A New Hot End?  

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Heater Cartridge Cable Broke, Do I Need A New Hot End?

One of the two red cables broke off my hot end, I believe they're the heater cartridge cables.

Can I order a replacement cartridge and use that to fix my hot end? I'm look at this one from Amazon. Or do I need to replace the entire hot end? If so, I'm looking at a Dragonfly hot end, as they're not much more expensive and seem to be more capable than the original hot end. I don't know much about different hot ends though, and this Dragonfly hot end doesn't specifically say it's compatible with the i3 Mk3S+, which is what I have. I don't want to waste time and money ordering the wrong parts.

Posted : 29/10/2021 8:24 pm

just replace the heater

I suggest you buy 2 heaters and one thermistor...    
Hopefully after replacing your heater and restoring the hot end to working condition, you will have a spare heater and spare thermistor, on hand, for next time..., but the thermistor wires are fragile, so there is a chance that you might break them whilst changing  the heater... if you buy one now, you will have a spare immediately available

regards Joan

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Posted : 30/10/2021 1:05 am
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Which Parts to Replace?


can you link to specific parts that you’re talking about? I’m not quite sure what you mean by replacing the heater. 

Posted : 30/10/2021 2:02 am
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That one on Amazon you linked to is fine. As Joan suggested, get a couple so you have a spare and while you're at it but a couple of thermistor cables which are even more likely to break. 

Dragonfly: if your only reason for considering it is that you heard it's more capable, frankly, I suggest you stay away from it. The is is NOT a knock on the Dragonfly. I have never used one and it's probably fine. But if you're new to the game, or new to Prusas, I'd stick with stock unless you have a specific reason to change things. Makes it a lot easier to deal with the inevitable issues and to get help here or from Prusa Support. If you run into issues and have a nonstandard hotend, it adds a lot more parameters to the equation. 

Posted : 30/10/2021 11:41 am
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RE: Heater Cartridge Cable Broke, Do I Need A New Hot End?

Hi all,
Had the same problem, just touching the small wires made them come off.
Ordered new complete heater, which took 2 weeks to get the printer working again.
No fun.
Made a mechanical holder so that the wires can not move. See pictures.
Works fine.

Posted : 10/11/2021 11:46 am
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This red wire broke on mine too right where it joined the heater block on one wire like yours. Granted it was a 3 yr old printer and happened during an upgrade to MK3S+.  

Here is the smaller thermistor wire that you should probably replace at the same time -

and the larger heater wire (the one that broke in your pic) -

They are easy to change out, there are two screws on the hotend that you loosen and the push the cylinders out.

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Posted : 14/11/2021 1:17 am