Heatbed Connector Fried - How do I repair RAMBo end?  

Lyz Ellis
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Traced heatbed error issues to a fried cable.

Images here https://imgur.com/a/sAL61ux

The cable seems simple enough to replace but do I need to repair/replace the RAMBo too? I assembled the kit myself but I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to electronics. Has too much blue smoke already escaped? 😉

Posted : 15/03/2021 11:36 pm
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You could fire it up for a small, short print and see.  I would be very careful.  I check screw tightness weekly. 

Chuck H
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Posted : 16/03/2021 10:39 am
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The heated bed looks like it may be OK as long as the components surrounding the contact pads are not heat damaged I would gently clean off the residue from the pad and fit a brand new set of  cables.

The board however I would replace, looks like a fair bit of heat damage to the components surrounding the screw terms, and I personally would not be happy running that board in its current condition.

Make sure all the screw term connectors are tight  as it's the loose connection that has caused your heat damage.

I gather this was a kit and not a prebuilt machine? You can contact Chat through the EStore and speak to Prusa about replacement, however if a kit I suspect you may be charged.

Tank you very much!...
Posted : 16/03/2021 10:39 am
Lyz Ellis
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Thanks! Yeah. It’s a kit. It performed great for a year. I’ll be checking connections more often for sure.

Posted : 16/03/2021 6:57 pm
Dan Rogers
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I dunno about how damaged that Einsy end is - that burned part is a terminal block - it is probably removable.  Whether you can get a replacement that fits is a different question.  But you can get a new einsy board for sure on the prusa site.   Good luck - and keep your terminal fittings tight!


Posted : 17/03/2021 10:45 pm

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