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G80 repeated parameter  

Douglas Urbano
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G80 repeated parameter

Hi All,

I was developing a software to automatically tune the bed leveling using optuna, but I noticed something about the G80 command.

According to the knowledge base:

G80 - Mesh-based Z probe G80: Mesh-based Z probe

Default 3x3 grid can be changed on MK2.5/s and MK3/s to 7x7 grid.


G80 [ N | R | V | L | R | F | B ]


  • N - A number of mesh points on the x-axis. The default is 3. Valid values are 3 and 7.
  • R - Probe retries. Default 3 max. 10
  • V - Verbosity level 1=low, 10=mid, 20=high. It only can be used if the firmware has been compiled with SUPPORT_VERBOSITY active.

Using the following parameters enables additional "manual" bed leveling correction. Valid values are -100 microns to 100 microns.

Additional Parameters

  • L - Left Bed Level correct value in um.
  • R - Right Bed Level correct value in um.
  • F - Front Bed Level correct value in um.
  • B - Back Bed Level correct value in um. 

The problem is that it uses the same parameter R for both probe and Right, is there a way to differentiate them?

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Posted : 14/08/2020 10:36 am