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#Firmware 3.3.1 for i3 MK3  

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#Firmware 3.3.1 for i3 MK3

new release yesterday:


  • Filament statistics fix

  • Fixed bug of G28 (auto home) gcode which used to cause undesired execution of mesh bed leveling after temperature calibration and occasional communication timeouts

  • Load filament improvement (if current Z coordinate is lower than 20 mm when loading filament starts, the printer will increase Z-axis position to ensure, that there will always be enough space for cleaning the nozzle)

  • Setup function fix
  • per git

    Detailed description of changes:

  • Filament statistics fix:

  • Fixes issue #901.
  • G28 fix:
    There was missing OK after G28 (auto home) gcode execution (issue #924) which could cause communication timeouts and also undesired mesh bed leveling was run in the end of temperature calibration. Both was caused by bug in G28 gcode. It has been fixed.
  • Load filament improvement:
    Load filament sequence now contains movement in Z axis if current Z coordinate is lower then 20mm when loading filament starts. This will ensure that there is always enough space for cleaning the nozzle.
  • Setup function fix:
    - Splash screen fix
    - Factory reset -> Shipping prep. enables filament sensor
  • Posted : 18/07/2018 7:27 pm