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Filament sensor not responding  

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Filament sensor not responding

I have had a problem with my filament sensor not responding for months now and I have just been manually loading.  As there is only a few weeks warranty left on my kit I better get it sorted while the parts are covered.

I have tested the 4 wires and they are all fine.  5v and Ground are both present and the Serial Data and Clock are pulled up to 5v.  Obviously it is the sensor or the main board and I would guess the sensor but I don't want to order one, wait 5 weeks and find out the guess was wrong and then be out of warranty on an expensive mainboard.  Can I do any other tests?  Cheers...

Posted : 21/04/2020 7:14 am
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RE: Filament sensor not responding

I had filament sensor issues also when I got my mk3s a couple weeks ago. This is what ended up fixing it for me.

Or could do like I did for a week and use a small piece of paper.

Posted : 21/05/2020 3:22 am
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RE: Filament sensor not responding

Yep, I had the same problem. Not on the first couple of prints, though. I even made it through 2 color change prints before I had a spool run out and the sensor failed to react. Thanks to Brandon's link above I am now throwing 1's and 0's again. Thanks for everyone's input on this issue.

Posted : 30/05/2020 4:50 am
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