Fan Shroud Melting + support mesh not sticking to textured mat

Fan Shroud Melting + support mesh not sticking to textured mat  

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I'm using Prusament Jet Black PETG primarily right now. Extruder temp is 250, bed temp is ~90 degrees.  Running at 100%  Used a 3x3 test sheet to get the right z axis depth. Most of my prints come out absolutely perfect.

Ok here are my issues.

1.  My fan shroud keeps melting. I've had this printer for about 2 weeks and I've been printing non stop to build an enclosure for it.  I've had to replace the fan shroud twice because it melts and pulls up the whole print. its a quick replacement but its super annoying.

2. Before every single print, it extrudes a whole bunch of filament before it prints. I've gotta sit there and pinch it off with some tweezers every time before it starts printing.  This cant be normal. Prints come out totally fine but why does it do this?

2. When printing, it often has issues with the support mesh. See attached picture.  This print eventually corrected itself, and since it was just a support, it didn't interfere with the actual parts. But why does this keep happening? Sometimes the edges of the mesh pull up into gloopy beads.


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Posted : 11/10/2020 7:05 am

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