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Failing thermister? (Maxtemp error on hotend)  

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Failing thermister? (Maxtemp error on hotend)


I have a MK3 kit that has been printing great for 53d of "print time".  However, today I tried my first PETG print, and the printer failed with a MAXTEMP error (the hotend had gotten super hot on the first layer, despite being commanded to 240 or so).  Before this, it was exclusively PLA+ prints, so lower temps.  When just dealing with filament loading / unloading, the printer seems fine, but ask it to print, and it has now failed again (MAXTEMP error) with PLA+ and a PLA profile.  (It gets part way through the first layer, then errors.)  

Would the thermistor be a thing to replace in this case?  Does the MK3 use a standard E3D thermistor (that I have in stock at home), or is this one of the Prusa custom items that I will have to order?  (Are there any other suggested things to look at?  Is it normal for a thermistor to fail this 'fast'?)

(My older MK3 kit has been printing for almost double the time, with no issues, and it completed the PETG print fine.)  

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Posted : 16/11/2019 9:46 pm
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RE: Failing thermister? (Maxtemp error on hotend)

The thermistor is a standard E3D variety.  Prusa or E3D adjusts cable lengths for the MK3.  You can splice the wires to make a new thermistor fit.

Measure the present thermistor value to see if the reading makes sense. Let things cool down to room temp first. Table below:

You may want to do a PID calibration before and especially after swapping parts.  

You can also be adventurous - unload filament then heat the nozzle to 285c and watch the temperature reading. If it starts fluctuating rapidly, pretty good sign the thermistor is failing.

It is the 104NT-4-R025H42G

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Posted : 17/11/2019 1:54 am