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Extrusion stopping mid-print  

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Extrusion stopping mid-print

Hi all, having major issues with prints stopping mid-print. I have the i3 MK3s.

I am printing PLA, 0.1, using the prusa slicer and it will print fine for a while and then will just stop extruding (print keeps going, no filament). 

I have tried 

a). pull the hot tip out, clean out the PTFE tube, heat sink, and nozzle
b). replace nozzle
c). Adjusting idler tension
d). Other options here

The strange thing is after pulling out and cleaning the hotend, sink, etc... I was able to print the Prusa Vase print just fine, then was able to print another one, then the issue began again. 

Seems to be an issue with temperature. I do have the printer inside an enclosure. 

Any tips appreciated.


Posted : 11/05/2020 2:46 pm