Extrusion starts to have problems during prings  

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Hey guys, I'm trying to troubleshoot this issue (see pics) any suggestions the best way to start? It looks like it does well for a while, then I occasionally hear the dreaded exruder skipping' grind. Fans are both working, standard grey PLA at standard settings...

Posted : 07/04/2018 6:46 am
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I just came across a post I put in a notepad on this subject. This is a good video on improving your 3d prints.

Search String: improving your 3d prints

Posted : 07/04/2018 7:15 am
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You may have a similar problem to mine. I run into extruder clicks and skipping, but only when using g the silver from Prusa, and only then if I am trying to print <0.1 layer height. Please share if you find a solution.

Posted : 07/04/2018 1:46 pm

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