Extruderfeeder Jamed PLA  

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We have a problem with the printing of PLA. (ABS works fine) 

After x-time the extruder feeder gets stuck, the pla is then in a clod under the feeder gears.

Does anyone know how this is possible? Or what is the cause?

This malfunction is very annoying, because the printhead has to be disassembled.


Posted : 14/08/2020 8:11 am
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If ABS does indeed print fine and flow freely, we can probably eliminate nozzle clogs, per se, as a suspect.

If this were me, I would first check the extruder gear tension.  It may be low, causing slippage, and grinding away of the filament.

I would also check to be sure that the hot end is indeed hot enough.

Posted : 14/08/2020 8:53 am
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Do not yet understand how it is possible that the pla deforms and melts under the gears.
Could this be due to friction or is the plaque becoming to soft at the gear wheels.

Posted : 14/08/2020 10:06 am

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