Extruder motor MK3 Jitters/ Studdering  

Aussie Ramon
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The extruder motor of my MK3 jitters. when I start up a print, it starts jittering after 5-7 layers does this for 2 layers, print normal again for 20-30 layers jitters again for 2-3 layers, print normal again for 20-30 layers etc. I did the latest firmware update, checked the pinda probe used different filaments, changed the norzel. I got an other MK3 as well that is working normal. Does anyone have any ideas????

Posted : 23/12/2020 3:44 am
Active Member

I've also had this. So far seems to have been solved with a thorough clean out of the nozzle, heatbreak and ptfe tube. Then a careful re-assembly - I had a leak between the heatbreak and nozzle the first time i did this job, because i 'went gently' with tightening the nozzle. I've now ignored that advice and after making sure the mating faces are immaculate before assembly, I have given the nozzle a firm seating against the heatbreak. So far so good.

Since I am also new to the printer, I am learnng. But right now, i think the 'jitter' or 'clicking' is the ptfe tube being allowed to move up and down. I am not convinced the collet holds it securely enough. Quite why this happens after some time and then stops/re-starts I am not sure.

Posted : 29/12/2020 12:41 pm

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