Extruder gears tight by default? [Mk3S Kit]  

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Are the extruder gears in the Mk3S tight (as in they tightly squeeze the filament) by default?

I was trying to get the tension right (Prusa Video), but it seems I can completely remove the tension bolt and spring, and just close the side door on the extruder. That was apparently enough tension to pull the filament through.

When I unload the filament, there are visible teeth marks on the filament for the side facing the primary gears (directly driven by stepper) and faintly visible teeth marks on the side facing the secondary gears (driven by primary gears). Filament wasn't stripped and there are no plastic bits in the teeth.

Is this normal behavior? I would of though teeth marks would have similar depth on both sides, but it seems the primary gears are gripping the filament tighter (maybe too tight?). I've only logged 18 hours on the Mk3S but I've not had any jams yet nor seen under extrusions.

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Posted : 04/07/2020 6:16 am

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