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Extreme noise on the filament feeder rolls  

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Extreme noise on the filament feeder rolls

Hi everyone, I bought the MK3S with the mmu2S multicolor. I have been printing for days but this has come to an end where the roller for the filament in the extruderhead rattles. I reloaded all the software for both printer and mmu2s but now I get warning that flash for mmu2d did not succeeded.I did this with both usb cables connected but now even windows warns me that the usb for the mmu2 is not recognized.

I cleaned everything thats possible and even looked on youtube and this forum for solutions.

Also the printer wont start to print even with the filament present on the nozzle and when it does ther's no pla comming out .

Anyone who can help me with this?

Thx. Filip

Posted : 28/03/2020 2:19 pm
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RE: Extreme noise on the filament feeder rolls

for now still nothing happening, even worse. when I flash de firmware on the mmu2 I got this message from Slicer

Flashing Original Prusa MMU 2.0 Control, looking for VID/PID 0x2c99/3 or 0x2c99/4 ...
Found VID/PID 0x2c99/4 at `COM9`, rebooting the device ...
Found VID/PID 0x2c99/3 at `COM8`, flashing ...
avrdude-slic3r -v -p atmega32u4 -c avr109 -P COM8 -b 57600 -D -U flash:w:0:C:\Users\Gebruiker\Downloads\Documenten\prusa3d_fw_MMU2board_1_0_6.hex:i

avrdude-slic3r: Version 6.3-20160220-prusa3d, compiled on Mar 21 2020 at 12:45:57
Copyright (c) 2000-2005 Brian Dean,
Copyright (c) 2007-2014 Joerg Wunsch

Using Port : COM8
Using Programmer : avr109
Overriding Baud Rate : 57600
avrdude-slic3r: ser_open(): can't open device "\\.\COM8": Het systeem kan het opgegeven bestand niet vinden.

avrdude-slic3r: Could not open port: COM8

avrdude-slic3r done. Thank you.

My COM-port switches constantly between 9 and 10 when I open the configuration screen, but never 8 so I'm stuck here.

Many thanks to who can help me?!

Posted : 29/03/2020 10:01 am