Edit MK3s Firmware to use different thermistor port  

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There is a middle Thermistor port on the Einsy board for an Ambient thermistor. I want to use that port for the Heat Bed Thermistor. I need to know what to edit in the firmware to make that change. 

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My printer was working fine for the first 2 prints after assembly but then it started getting caught on the Y-axix. Apparently, I left too much slack in my Heat Bed Thermistor cable during assembly and it got caught on the frame and exposed the wires. Without me knowing this I ran another selftest and the exposed wires contacted the frame and I had some sparks. I checked the Einsy board and the original Heat Bed Thermistor port is fried.  I'm working with Prusa Support to get the issue resolved. But in the mean time, I want to keep printing. I'm 90% sure the cable is still good as it didnt cut the wire and I have wrapped it in electrical tape. 

Any help is much appreciated. 

Thank you

Posted : 29/07/2020 1:07 am
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I got it working! In the firmware there are pin outs for each board. I found the HEAT BED TEMP. It was set to 2 because the port is T2. I changed it to 1 and that fixed it. I also had to follow other instructions online to build the firmware but it’s working so far. 

Posted : 29/07/2020 2:31 pm
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An interesting and valuable information. Thanks for the feedback! Is the port number the only thing you changed?


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Posted : 29/07/2020 2:51 pm

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