Changing the hot end and extruderit, with DyzeDesign material

Changing the hot end and extruderit, with DyzeDesign material  

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Hello everyone,

I'm working on the printing of a particular polymer which requires to reach 300°C with the hotend. For that I started with a 3D MK3S printed, on which I try to assemble an extruder and a hot end from DyzeDesign (GT range: ; ). The documentation ( ) seemed clear to me on the DyzeDesign website.


But when I received my order and I went into detail, I realized that there was no documentation for the MK3S, so I asked DyzeDesign who told me that basically they don't have any documentation to mount it on a MK3S with Prusa firmware... In further discussion with them they explained to me that I have to include the missing lines of code related to MAX_CONSECUTIVE_LOW_TEMPERATURE_ERROR_ALLOWED and MILLISECONDS_PREHEAT_TIME. I succeed to find these variables in the Marlin firmware in the temperature.h and .cpp files. I find a temperature.h and a temperature.cpp in the Prusa firmware, but the Prusa case the file is not a class but a succession of functions. Moreover I don't see how the class temperature is used in Marlin firmware.

So I'm a bit stuck on the modification of this firmware, and I don't know how to include this MAX_CONSECUTIVE_LOW_TEMPERATURE_ERROR_ALLOWED and this MILLISECONDS_PREHEAT_TIME in the Prusa firmware. Do you have any suggestions or advice to help me?

I was wondering if it wasn't easier/possible to replace the Prusa firmware with the Marlin on the MK3S and apply the DyzeDesign modifications, but I'm afraid I'm starting something more complicated or impossible.

(Let me clarify that I'm not a developer, I just have some basics knowledge in C and C++ , and I'm well aware that my question is complicated, and probably requires a developer's work, but unfortunately I have to manage it by myself).

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Posted : 21/04/2020 5:38 pm

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