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I've had my printer for about a year and I am very happy with it.  However today the calibration seems to have gone wonky.   The left Right  axis does not extend to the far right.  It is about 2" (5cm short).  I have tried recalibrating but that has made a small improvement.  Recalibration has stopped the crash into the left hand limit. 

What do I do to fix the problem.

Also there is a small screw at 45º on the left right guide bars.  It is in the orange plastic above the stepper motor  This screw is loose.  What does it do? How do I fix the problem and is the calibration problem related to this loose screw?

Thanks in anticipation

Posted : 15/04/2021 1:06 pm
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First, the loose screw: refer to the manual, is this the X-end-motor: tensioner screw?  This is used to set the correct belt tension and if it's loose this will at least contribute to your problem.

Try to find out why it's loose; has it torn out of the mounting? Has it lost its captive nut?

With the screw loosely fixed try moving the print head by hand.  Does it move smoothly? Does it go all the way?  If not check the X idler pulley is OK.  In any case clean and lubricate the smooth rods.
Then follow the tensioning instructions in the build manual and recalibrate the printer...
Let us know how you get on.
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Posted : 15/04/2021 1:36 pm
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Thanks I will give it a try and let you know

Posted : 15/04/2021 4:07 pm

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