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Broken hotbed PCB (soldering tin failure)  

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Broken hotbed PCB (soldering tin failure)

Hi, after a year of intensive printing my heatbed (mk52) stopped heating (no diode, no heat and got "temperature runaway" error after a while). I took it apart and measured with my digital multimeter and I think soldering tin disconnected resistor. There is voltage coming from motherboard. There is no connection between GND and R1 and between D1 and VCC.


Is it possible, that disconnected resistor and diode completely disabled my heatbed?

Are there any schematics so that I know what values to expect, instead of guessing?

Any tutorials on how to solder and repair PCB?

Is this kind of damage covered by warranty?


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Posted : 24/10/2019 2:21 pm
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RE: Broken hotbed PCB (soldering tin failure)

Check for discoloration on the back side of the ECB.  If the resin looks baked, there is probably an internal failure. Flexing of the board can break the internal traces, they get hot, usually burn apart, sometime cause smoke and fire.

Warranty would be an issue to discuss with Prusa using their store CHAT; but at a year I doubt they'll cover it. 

What's the resistance of the heat bed?  That's the more important question.  And the resistance of the thermistor, since a failure there will cause a runaway condition.

Posted : 24/10/2019 6:23 pm
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RE: Broken hotbed PCB (soldering tin failure)

You are going to have to chat with Support.

Click EShop above, log in, and the Chat button is lower right.

This is a consumable, like a burner on your stove. I doubt if there is any warrantee after a year.

Go easy on repairs - a fire is not a good thing. After market heat plates can be had for under $52 (Newegg).


Posted : 24/10/2019 6:27 pm