Box for 3D Printer - help! (plexiglass thickness issue)

Box for 3D Printer - help! (plexiglass thickness issue)  

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Hi Everyone, 

Couple of weeks ago, I have purchased an i3 MK3S printer and I love it! Recently I have started experimenting with other materials (beside PLA) as well, but I ran into some issue with warping. 

Found this awesome article with instructions on how to build your own custome 3D printer box from scratch - and I have decided to build it myself.

I have purchased everything on the list, but I have encountered an issue with the plexiglass thickness - for some reason, I could not find many clear plexiglass with 3mm thickness (which is mentioned in the article), in most of the places I have looked, they have either 2mm or 4mm (in Czech Republic BTW), so for that reason, I have purchased the one with 4mm thickness. 

In the the article, there  are links to download the printed parts, but there are designed only for the 3mm thickness - and since I am pretty new to 3D printing, I dont know how to adjust them, so they will be useable for plexiglass with 4mm thickness...

Can anyone please advice me, how can I adjust the printed parts for the box, so they can be used for the 4mm thick plexiglass? 

Thank you!


Posted : 20/07/2019 1:37 pm
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There are many remixes of the original enclosure on thingiverse already so you dont need to alter the parts yourself.  Try which has 3,4,5 & 6mm variants.  Spend some time looking at all the options on there.  

Posted : 20/07/2019 4:05 pm

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