Boiling sound independent of filament  

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Printing nylon+CF and have been for a while without issues (beyond what was caused by a previous issue with overheating the chamber).

I recently changed nozzles (Nozzle X 0.4 mm) and first couple of prints went fine - though the nozzle was a bit low and I needed to raise it a bit.

Then all of a sudden I noticed a hiss/bubbling sound and the extruder would stop extruder. No clicking. Sometimes fixable by applying a little bit of pressure. When completely stopped I merely drop the temperature to 160 C and pull out the filament by hand which completely unblocks it.

First thing I thought was the nylon-cf had picked up some moisture. A little confused because it's stored and used in dry boxes where the humidity was around 20%. Parked it and figured I'd bake out the moisture later.

I put some cleaning filament through the extruder and still heard the bubbling noise. Put some PLA through and still heard the bubbling sound at 215 C.

I haven't completely dismantled the extruder but I inspected what I could and couldn't see any leaks or similar.

Any ideas on what the bubbling sound could be?


Posted : 16/08/2020 3:19 am
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Took the heat break out etc and inspected. It was a little loose, so tighten it.

I noticed the collet is sticking out a little. Is it meant to be flush with the body?

Posted : 16/08/2020 3:56 am

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