Bed Leveling fails when calibrating after a new build

Bed Leveling fails when calibrating after a new build  

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I worked on repairing my printer's head this week, with a new nozzle, heatbreak, and heaterblock. The printer turns on fine, the initial tests all pass properly, but the printer fails on the First Level Calibration.

The exact error I get is 

Bed Leveling Failed. Sensor didn't trigger. Debris on Nozzle. Waiting for reset.

I looked at why this error happens, and tried to follow the instructions on the online FAQ. That hasn't resolved the issue.

I am also not sure if my bed is aligned properly. I noticed that when the nozzle touches the bed, it descends. But doesn't descend evenly, and only the front part descends, while the back part stays as is.


I have 2 videos of what happens when I run the 1st layer calibration, and I want to know if there is a problem that is easily visible here. Both calibrations were run separately twice.



(If videos do not load, links: and )

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It appears to me that for some reason (???) the system is not sensing the increased current draw from the Z motor(s) and therefore is not able to determine the Z position.  It looks like a significantly excessive amount of force on the print bed, as the system attempts to find a zero.

If this happened to me, I would probably contact support, as something is definitely wrong.

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Does your pinda sensor work?

Look in manual how to adjust the pinda sensor.

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