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After firmware flash: Additional steps needed?  

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After firmware flash: Additional steps needed?

I could not spot at those relevant pages at and whether a calibration is required after firmware flash.

Has somebody a source or updated doc link where it is clearly stated whether calibration is optional or required?

Posted : 18/07/2018 6:32 pm
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Re: After firmware flash: Additional steps needed?

Just a simple question:

Is it recommended to re-calibrate the printer after each firmware update ?

No, you don't have to recalibrate after the FW update. If there is a need for it, for example to improve the calibration results, we will inform you 😉

Here, a forum admin has stated it's not required unless they state on the release. I personally factory reset and calibrate each time as a matter of habit, but thats just me, as I like to see if any calibration behaviour has changed from one release to the next.

Posted : 19/07/2018 2:51 am
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