Which parts usually fail?  

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I have the kit on order. I was curious which parts are usually the first to fail and roughly how long before failure. 

Also if these parts are available in the USA like through Amazon or Ebay.

I just want to have some spare pasts on hand when needed, if any.



Posted : 11/06/2021 4:16 pm
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I'd get at least a couple of thermistors. If you ever want to or have to change the nozzle they're usually the first to break.  Add to that a complete hot end assembly (heater block, heat break, heat sink). A couple of heater cartridges. Spare nozzles. 

Posted : 11/06/2021 4:44 pm
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I think the most common printed part to fail is the fan shroud.  Un printed, thermistors can fail.  On most of my printers, that is all I have had to replace.  

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Posted : 11/06/2021 4:44 pm
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Fan shroud, thermistor.  Never had a big problem. 

Posted : 11/06/2021 4:49 pm
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Consensus seems to be the fan shroud. Does it just break off from the screw mount? Make one from ABS or PETG?

I bought the black printed parts version. Not sure what material is used.

I will look into getting the nozzles, heater and thermistor. 

I have not read in detail, I assume the FW will alert you if thermistor or heater fails?




Posted : 11/06/2021 5:57 pm

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