What brand of filament does everyone recommend?  

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I'm always a bit leery of filament brands that I have never tried.

This was also only $20-ish to the door, so lotsa bang for the buck too.

Posted : 17/10/2020 2:37 am
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On my Mk3S textured plate with SunLu PETG I have been getting good results with first layer 240/85 and 2nd layer 250/90.  Box says range of 190-220.

Posted : 22/10/2020 9:50 pm
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I have all hatchbox except for some silver stuff that came with my mk3s. I like that a lot, though I don't know where it came from.

Posted : 25/10/2020 7:58 pm
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I am in Australia and have been using eSUN filaments with a lot of success. I use a lot of PETG and PLA+.

Posted : 25/10/2020 11:00 pm
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Posted by: @ward-l-morrison

except for some silver stuff that came with my mk3s. I like that a lot, though I don't know where it came from.

A good second source for the silver-gray filament that came with your printer is the FilamentPM online store in North America or Europe.  Last I checked, the European site did say Prusa in the description, but the US site said something like 'proudly made in the Czech Republic' or something like that.  I've ordered it and can confirm that it's either the same exact stuff that comes with the printer, or else extremely close.  I do agree that it is very good filament.

Posted : 25/10/2020 11:32 pm
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I am in the USA, and prefer filament that is manufactured and distributed here. I heavily prefer filament with a tolerance no more that .03, and prefer .02. Color consistency is also important. I have found some that I bought from China causes problems and color is poor (White that is off white/grey)

Posted : 27/10/2020 9:15 pm
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One other brand that I had never used, I can now recommend.

CC3D (there are a few other brands with similar names) specifically the 'Silky Shiny PLA Metal Silver Like' metallic filament.

It does produce a fatter 'worm' when loading, as do the Mika3d metallics, but in printing it lays down a very nice first layer and prints very well.

$21 and change to the door (in the US) via Amazon.

Posted : 27/10/2020 10:25 pm
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I would recommend Paramount PLA if you looking for a PLA.  I am printing a spool of Iron Red PLA as I type.  

Chuck H
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Posted : 27/10/2020 11:41 pm
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One other thing about Paramount is that they tend to be VERY conservative with predicted delivery dates.  They usually ship USPS here in the States, and for my last order they estimated Wednesday of the following week for delivery and it turned out that it hit the door on Saturday.

They are out of Wood Dale, Illinois, just west of Chicago, and I know that USPS has very good service between ORD and OMA, so YMMV on this.

Posted : 27/10/2020 11:52 pm
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