What brand of filament does everyone recommend?  

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Other than Prusa, what brand of filament does people recommend for PLA and PETG?  How is Hatchbox filament( it seems to be at a good price point and easily available on Amazon)?  3D printing newbie here.

Posted : 24/12/2019 1:05 am
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Best value will depend on where you live. In the US, Inland is decent and readily available if you live near a Microcenter. If not, it's available from them online and also on Amazon. AmazonBasics/Overture are OK and have been on sale recently. eSun, Paramount and 3D Solutech are good. I prefer to support companies that actually support the 3D printing community unlike the Amazon behemoth, so like to buy from MatterHackers,  PrintedSolid and FilamentOne (resellers) as well as AtomicFilament and others (manufacturers) that offer competitive free shipping. MatterHackers manages to beat Amazon for deliver time with free shipping. So long as you avoid the really cheap no-name stuff, it's unusual to get really bad filament these days.

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Posted : 24/12/2019 7:32 am
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Im in germany and i print 95% petg. I prefer "filament pm". Its the source prusa choosen for most of their shop filament branded "pruda" (NOT prusament) black and white is very nice, actually i try some different colours. The red i have is very ugly in my opinion, like they choosen to put not so much pigments into it. 

But in generally i can recomend them. Very reasonable prices.

German folks can use the shop www.schmelz.bar for it, suprisingly its cheaper than in their own online shop

Posted : 24/12/2019 11:37 am
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I’ve had good success with Hatchbox PLA (printed a lot of it), Overture PETG, and, more recently, Eryone.  I also have Sunlu PLA+, but won’t recommend it since it has issues sticking to the PEI sheet, although it prints fine once you get it to stick. 

Posted : 24/12/2019 5:47 pm
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Ask 100 people and you will get 100 different answers, but any answer is meaningless if the country is not stated.

So I am in the UK, and buy via Amazon as filament is not readily available in the high street where I live. I like Technology Outlet and AMZ3D, both lower price brands.


Posted : 27/12/2019 1:54 pm
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Sorry, I am in the USA

Posted : 27/12/2019 2:52 pm
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I use PETG almost exclusively and prefer Hatchbox as I have the fewest problems with it. However, their supply chain has not been good with some colors not being available anywhere for several months at a time.

My back up PETG is eSun which works pretty well but I have more issues with stringing than Hatchbox.

Both are available on Amazon at (I think) reasonable prices.


Posted : 27/12/2019 6:15 pm
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I live in the UK and I am printing only with petg (copolyster) :

Prusament Petg (the best so far)

Petg from Filament PM (very good filament for the price)

Petg from rigid ink (very expensive and I spent half of the spool before getting a decent print) 

Ngen from colorfabb (easy to print with but it doesn't not have the strength of the petg)

Easy petg from Fiberlogy (I have only one spool and it prints like Prusament)





Posted : 27/12/2019 6:24 pm
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Hatchbox is my go-to brand. Beside of that always trying here and there something new. PrintedSolid and Matterhackers are also good source of filament.

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Posted : 27/12/2019 6:40 pm
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I use DasFilament, Filamentive, 3D Prima and Prusament. In that order.

Posted : 27/12/2019 6:51 pm
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I'm in the USA.

  • Amazon/Overture PLA: I've used a fair amount and have never had issues with it. Good stuff and good price in my opinion.
  • Amazon/Overture PETG: This is the only PETG I've used so I can't really compare with others. I print it about 15 degrees cooler than the Prusament settings and leave the fan off as long as possible (e.g. a layer or too before the first bridge or overhang).
  • Inland PLA/PLA+: Has been another good brand for me (and I have a local Microcenter so it's good for the "oh crap, I ran out!" situation).
  • PushPlastic PLA: I've recently switched to PP's PLA (I have a roll of PETG, but haven't used it yet) and have been exceedingly happy. They offer 500g "master" spools in their full range of colors which is great for me as I can store more colors on hand (due to the lack of a spool) and other than black and natural I tend not to go through other colors fast so less potentially wasted filament is a good thing. The material prints just as well as Amazon and Inland and their customer service is fast and excellent (they sent me the wrong color and I had a shipping notice for the correct rolls within minutes of dropping them a note).
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Posted : 29/12/2019 3:21 pm
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I'll give another +1 to Microcenter's Inland brand. I usually use their PLA+ vs PLA(without the +) but honestly haven't had too much issue with the non-plus. I also regularly use their PETG, but I see more stringing with Inland PETG than Prusament PETG at the same settings. -- Inland is widely believed to be eSun, so I'd call this consistent with @jerry-v2 's observation.

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Posted : 29/12/2019 3:35 pm
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Tried a lot of brands and most of them print fine. Mostly used PLA and PETG

Prusament: Very good value for the money, only problem is that stock levels are too low at Prusa, can never order all the colours I want at the same time.

Prusa: Reliable filament at affordable cost. White is a tricky colour, but Prusa White PLA gives very nice results, my favourite for white. Silver tends to clog in 0.25 mm nozzle.

3D Prima: Easy print is very nice to use speedy deliveries within Sweden, usually gets my filament teh day after order. Prima value is OK but gives not as good print quality as easy print. Have also successfully used Prima select ASA, PC and woodfill.

Clas Ohlson have only tried the PLA, very little pigment in the material, colours are transparent "candy colours" that can be useful sometimes, but mostly not. The nature coloured PLA prints very good, very nice surface and easy to print. My first choice for parts that I will paint, hardly needs sanding and filler. Quite cheap and available in high street shops all over Sweden.

Add:north: have only used PETG, easy to print, not the cheapest PETG. Orange is very close to Prusa orange, useful when Prusa is out of stock for Prusa orange.

3D experten, only tried PLA nice range of colours and materials prints well but inconsistent i diameter, highest spread of all brands I have measured.

Grossiste 3D only tried PLA as their PETG is too expensive. Very nice filament that prints very good, have used this filament for tricky prints were other brands have failed. Very low cost but price has increased due to exchange rate. Very good range of colours, 28 if my memory is right. An odd thing is that it is cheaper to buy 2 pcs of 1 kg rolls than 1 pcs of 2 kg roll. Web page is in French only but a translation plugin in the browser solves the problem. Shipping cost is high as for most French companies.

Accenix, only tried the PLA, very nice to print, I have only found this filament at Ebay, guess that it a rebrand, spools are identical to Grossiste 3D and printing characteristics too. maybe the same manufacturer.

Rigidi ink, only tried a sample and had a lot of problems with warping. Very expensive and no longer available.

Posted : 30/12/2019 7:30 am
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My personal favorite is PLA and ASA filament made by Fillamentum, 3DJake sells decent 3DJake branded PETG.

Posted : 30/12/2019 3:22 pm
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my favourites are PETG from dasfilament.de (22€/800g), printing with default-settings from prusaslicer and setting "generic PET" and the noyes-petg from netco-shop.de (19€/1000g), printing with default-settings from prusaslicer and setting "generic PET".

Pro for dasfilament: intensive colors, no problems with prints, nearly no stringing.

Pro for noyes: cheap.

Contra for noyes: little more stringing (can be removed with a hot-air-gun), not so intensive colors.



Posted : 06/01/2020 3:34 pm
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I have used most of the brands mentioned.  Hatch box is good but you get an occasional roll of stringy filament.  Atomic Filament is one of the best.  I like the PLA from Filament one.  

I do have a dozen or so new ones to try.  

Posted : 06/01/2020 5:00 pm
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We are newbies in the US and were dismayed by the markup of some Prusament filament on Amazon by 3rd parties ( https://forum.prusaprinters.org/forum/english-forum-general-discussion-announcements-and-releases/newbies-here-prusament-fulfillment-in-us-amazing-amazon-markup/#post-182529 )

We are now using Hatchbox with good results. Prusament PetG is also available and works nicely.

Posted : 08/01/2020 3:52 am
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Have you figured out any secret recipe for printing Sunlu PLA+? I bought a bunch thinking it'd be fine and now I end up with many failed prints because the first layer just doesn't stick well enough. I've been diligent about keeping my sheet clean and I've tried raising and lowering temp but I'm just not sure what else to try.

Posted : 29/02/2020 3:20 pm
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Posted by: @neek


Have you figured out any secret recipe for printing Sunlu PLA+? I bought a bunch thinking it'd be fine and now I end up with many failed prints because the first layer just doesn't stick well enough. I've been diligent about keeping my sheet clean and I've tried raising and lowering temp but I'm just not sure what else to try.

I've had the exact same experience with SunLu PLA+ - never buying it again, any cost savings isn't worth it. Tried each of my three different magnetic sheets (each from a different manufacturer, the smooth one included with the printer, a textured sheet from Trianglelab, and the "TheKkiinngg" textured sheet)

Posted : 01/03/2020 4:37 am
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It was making me crazy today and, at least for me, I now have remarkable reliability with some Sunlu PLA+. In short, I changed my Z-adjust from my usual -0.320, to -0.345. I have now been printing for 12 hours with incredible quality in the pieces. Some of these are quite challenging.. the current print are very thin vertical pieces with pretty minimal support. The layers look great, and more importantly, the pieces have reliably stuck to the base plate 100% (in my limited testing over just the past ~12 hours). What I did to get the Z-height right was to get my eyes right up against the side of the print head, with lots of light, to make sure I had perfectly smooth placement of material.

Not sure this'll help everyone but I'm very pleased and wanted to give others something to try. Good luck and happy printing!

Posted : 01/03/2020 5:01 am
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