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Unusual problem with Prusa Ironing  

Cristian Hrimiuc
New Member
Unusual problem with Prusa Ironing

I have found a rather unusual problem with the Ironing Feature in Prusa. The problem that I am referring to manifests itself as gaps that appear between the layers of tall thin parts at the precise height at which a nearby short part is ending. I think this happens because, after ironing sometimes a retraction happens and this leads to under-extrusion problems. This behavior can be reproduced by printing "" with Ironing and Retraction enabled. Some of the tiny poles will have gaps that will allow for a very easy break of the part. On this particular print the issue manifests itself only slightly, but on bigger prints I had horrible issues with tall thin parts while the rest of the model was as pretty as can be.

Posted : 26/02/2021 4:41 pm