Surface Finish Problems!  

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Hi Guys,

I'm printing in PETG and have been getting banding and depressions on the external faces. Printing at 0.25mm

Any ideas what could be the issue?


Posted : 26/11/2020 10:55 am
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I have had similar problems. A better printer profile can help a lot.

I use "Pretty-Petg" and it makes my prints almost perfect.

Posted : 26/11/2020 2:25 pm
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Thanks for the tip, didn't realise these were available! I adjusted the speed settings in the end, copying the 0.15mm quaility profile settings to my 0.25mm custom profile. Definitely has made an improvement.

Posted : 27/11/2020 9:54 am
Dan Rogers
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How to get it to download the .INI file from that URL?  My downloader blocks .INI files

Posted : 01/12/2020 5:21 pm

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