Printing parts to upgrade from i3MK3S to i3MK3S+  

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Hi, I downloaded the STL folder to print parts to upgrade from i3MK3S to i3MK3S+. In the ReadMeFirst_STL.txt, it states that:


X-axis (optional):




What are these two optional parts for? It is better to print them as well?

Also, is the new LCD-knob better than the one that came with i3MK3S?

When I loaded the .3mf file, I saw the Print settings and Filament settings were changed to "0.2mm SPEED (modified)" and "Prusament PETG (modified)" respectively. Are these the settings to use to print the parts? Not sure what they have modified.

Posted : 24/02/2021 4:31 pm
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The optional parts are not needed. There is a change to the way the x belt is tensioned but both the old an new version work fine with the + upgrade.


When you open the 3mf file in PS and look at the settings for print and filament you will see the changes marked in orange.


I did the upgrade and a color change on my MK3s so didn't use the prusa settings. 

Posted : 25/02/2021 8:30 am

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