PLA -> UV Resistance -> Error in prusa filament description?

PLA -> UV Resistance -> Error in prusa filament description?  

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Hi guys, 

I thought that PLA has a low UV resistance, because I only print prusa/prusament PLA and the description tells me that PLA has a low UV resistance. 

A user in a german facebook group does not share my opinion and tells me, that PLA is highly UV resistant. So, I searched and googled... 

Various sources say, that PLA is high/highly UV resistant. It seems like, they are not referring to a special type of PLA. So, I am assuming they are talking about the standard PLA. 

It just confuses me, because if a shop sells PLA and doesnt give the name a special term, that it is a modified PLA type, I assume it is a standard PLA type. A standard PLA type has the same abilities no matter the shop that sells it. 

Okay....I just had a chat with the support.

They looked into it and indeed, their wording is not correct. PLA is UV resistant, but wont last long if it is exposed to sun light. Well, that is mainly because of the temperature and not due to the exposure to UV light. 

I dont know if this error is known in the material description of PLA. 

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