Original Prusa i3 MK3S vs MK3 + important links  

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Jakub thanks for this all links it's useful .

But would it be possible to get better printed part in the kit...and maybe modify the Adapter-printer (1x) FS-lever (1x) or at least have a very nice printing part for the FS-lever . i build up my 3rd MK3s and really the 1st was really good but recently the printed part must be modify by hand oftently . I've got huge issue with the sensor only because the filament couln't come out because he couldn't find the hole after pass the small ball . As the sensor is very sensible and that good , but then the little corner which give 1 or 0 let the filament goes too far if be ex you cut the filament to try the function change filament ...while your spool is empty ..hope you foloow me.......... 😥 ..those part are really extremely sensible and have to correct and unscrew 3 times the extruder ,


Posted : 08/02/2020 10:06 am
Sean Bancroft
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Wow, it`s cooL!

Posted : 16/03/2020 6:21 pm
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@jakub, how soon will the mk3s+ parts be up for download?

I need to rebuild my x and y axis (new bearings) and have the bearing caps and the super pinda on the way, just need to print the parts so i can update.

Posted : 30/11/2020 8:59 pm
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James AZ
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Having just completed the MK3S to MK3s+, I offer the following:

Inspect your newly MK3S+ printed parts CAREFULLY.   I had a minor layer shift occur while printing them that I did not notice at first.  After completely disassembling my original MK3S per the instructions, I found the layer shift.  The new parts were not useable.  My printer was disassembled, I couldn't reprint the new parts.  I either had to reassemble and recalibrate my MK3S or find a way to get the new parts.  Using the "World" section above, I was able to locate a user near me who graciously printed the new parts at no cost.  

A special thank you to "JWG" in Queen Creek, AZ, USA  

Posted : 23/01/2021 4:32 pm
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I have quick questions for the new parts. I am not sure which part I'm using now probably R4

  1. Would R6 parts compatible with the MK3S hardwares especially the IR and Pinda?
  2. Would R6 fits into R4 or R5 parts?
  3. What other improvement introduced in the new R6?
Posted : 14/05/2021 3:04 pm
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