Ordering Smooth PEI sheets in the United States?  

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I did the Mk3->MK3/S upgrade a month or so ago, and finally last week I finally got around to setting live Z on some spare steel sheets I ordered with the kit. Well, I wasn't paying close enough attention when I did the initial calibration for the new sheet on the printer and dialed the Live Z low enough to scratch one side. 🙁

Does Prusa stock these at Amazon or anywhere else in the US? On the Prusa store right now, I can't even order the smooth sheet, but if I could, the shipping is pretty high. 

Is there an alternative to these for a similar or lower overall cost? 

Posted : 14/03/2020 10:36 pm
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I'm not aware of anybody selling original Prusa sheets in the US. PrintedSolid sells BuildTak PEI sheets that  work very well and use a less aggressive adhesive so your next replacement will be easier. Unfortunately you'll still have to remove the original. They also sell an excellent, very thin and flexy spring steel sheet. The BuildTak spring steel sheet is good but very heavy. 

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Posted : 15/03/2020 1:22 am
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Depending on how deep you went, you might be able to just hit the pei with a Scotch Brite pad and clean it up.

Trust me, it's possible.  You also have the other side of the sheet.

Posted : 15/03/2020 2:49 am

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