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Loud bearings  

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Loud bearings

I have an old I3Mk3 and two new I3Mk3s+ Printers. I bought one assabled and one as a kit. I used them now for about 150h and both are a lot louder than the old mk3. The noise is mainly comming from the X and Y Axis bearings. I already tryed to lubricant the bearings but it did not help at all. Realignment of the Y-axis did also not help. It seams like Prusa uses louder bearings on the Mk3s+ than on the Mk3. 

Does anyone have an idea how to reduce the noise? Should I switch to other bearings? Did someone try the plain bearings from Igus?

Posted : 25/03/2021 11:52 am
Dan Rogers
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RE: Loud bearings

I switched out to the Igus drylins last week - yes the ball bearings will make ball bearing noises.  I saved the bearings that I switched out because they still have plenty of life in them.  After switching to the drylins, I had to reseat the bed twice - they take a bit to settle in.  but the bed movement is now nearly silent (bearing wise).  

Posted : 28/03/2021 2:22 pm
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RE: Loud bearings

You could try this method recommended by Prusa as well, really made a difference on my new bearings at build.  They were very grumbly even with a coating of superlube, this made them much quieter. 

Means stripping down and removing the bearings, but was worth the effort, still not completely silent,  and suspect as Dan says there are much quieter options.  The Drylins look very good and might swap next time the bearings dry out.

Soak the bearings in 99%IPA to remove the shippjng oil, dry them thoroughly then mark the bearing positions before packing. Squirt a good amount (bearing about half full) superlube grease with PTFE (or other recommended grease) inside the bearing, THEN put your finger over the other end of the bearing and insert the shaft perfectly straight and carefully. While maintaining good pressure with your finger to form a seal press the shaft in with firm pressure, this works the grease into all the races and in and around the bearings and packs it properly.  You will feel the grease try to find its way past your finger, try not to let it, make it find its way around the ball bearings if there is too much you will feel it. You will be very surprised how much  grease is used this way.

You dont want to overpack, but when you remove and reseat for assembly a little will come out anyway.

Tank you very much!...
Posted : 29/03/2021 2:00 pm