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Is Slic3rPE replaced by PrusaSlicer?  

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Is Slic3rPE replaced by PrusaSlicer?

 I checked for a recent version of Slic3rPE and could not find one.  My version is 1.41.3+win64 and it choked on slicing a large stl file.  No problem with Cura but I'd like to stick to one slicer.   Is Slic3rPE gone forever?  

Posted : 31/12/2019 9:45 pm
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RE: Is Slic3rPE replaced by PrusaSlicer?

Nothing is gone. You can still download all versions here:

Slic3rPE was renamed to PrusaSlicer. Same people are developing the same code base, just a name change happened. (most likely because of Thomas Sanladerer)

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Posted : 31/12/2019 10:16 pm
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RE: Is Slic3rPE replaced by PrusaSlicer?

PrusaSlicer (formerly Slic3rPE) is a fork of the original Slic3r project. The original project is still alive and well and under active, albeit comparably slower, development. They had their own community going long before the Prusa fork and are the originators of Slic3r. Prusa did a major re-write of Slic3r from PERL to C++ and there's basically no chance of the two projects ever merging again. It's a shame as Slic3r continues to implement some interesting features of their own, but Prusa has made vast improvements to the interface and other features. 

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Posted : 01/01/2020 12:04 am