Impressed with my Mk3 kit  

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I finished my Mk3 kit and I have to say that in the one day I've used it so far it has been the easiest printer I've used so far when it comes to getting a decent print. After printing one or two of teh samples to make sure I had layer 1 going down well, I jumped right into some 3DLabPrint QB20 Trainer wing parts and they have been going great with the stock gcode files edited to change G28 to G28W and G80 (lifted from the samples).

The only hangup I've had was trying to use the filament sensor to print with several leftover strings of filament. It detected running out of filament just fine but failed to unload it properly (firmware 3.4.1). No biggy I don't do that all that often and only tried it since I saw it in a video (probably MMU 2.0 one). Compared to the other printers I've had loading/unloading filament is super simple. Really loving it so far.

Posted : 02/01/2019 3:21 pm
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I too am impressed with my kit and plan to print another Edge in silver this time. (the Edge flies great!)

I see a lot of people having issues with bed leveling or bad extrusion and it looks to me if they didn't build it carefully the bed is out of whack and they also don't know what to check for a clogged nozzle.

Print on!

Posted : 02/01/2019 11:22 pm

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