How to Add Settings for a New Filament & Sharing Filament Settings
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How to Add Settings for a New Filament & Sharing Filament Settings  

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How to Add Settings for a New Filament & Sharing Filament Settings

Two questions: 1) How do I add settings for a filament which has no settings in PrusaSlicer?  I've poked around PrusaSlicer pretty thoroughly but have not found a way to do it.  I eventually found PrusaSlicer.ini in the PrusaSlicer folder, and PrusaResearch.idx and PrusaResearch.ini in the PrusaSlicer/vendor folder.  But a) surely there is a GUI interface for creating settings for a new filament somewhere in PrusaSlicer, and b) I would not touch such files without a thorough understanding of what's in them.  

2) Is there an online place where we Prusa users can share filament settings for filaments not built into the product?  I purchased some PLA from Filament PM (  I think I read somewhere that it's the manufacturer of Prusa branded filaments so I thought that I could use the built-in settings for Prusa PLA.  And those settings do work reasonably well except for stringing.  Having never played with retraction nor temp settings I thought maybe I could find settings somewhere which someone here has found to work.  

Thanks,  Bob

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Posted : 02/02/2021 9:18 pm
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RE: How to Add Settings for a New Filament & Sharing Filament Settings

To create a new filament profile, just select one that's close (e.g., Generic PLA), adjust the settings as desired, then hit the Save button next to the filament profile name box at the top left of the Filament Settings screen. When prompted for a name, give it a custom name. This will copy all of the settings from the basic profile along with your modifications to a new custom profile.

The easiest way to share profiles is by exporting a config bundle. I've seen some collections offered online. I maintain my filament config bundle here. Importing imports everything, so you might want to edit the file down before importing if you only want one or two profiles.

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Posted : 02/02/2021 9:23 pm
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RE: How to Add Settings for a New Filament & Sharing Filament Settings

If you want a new filament you can open one that is close to what you want, change the settings you want to change and then just save it with the name you want.  You cant save it as the same name as a system filament, it wont let you.  You can overwrite one of your own custom profiles though.

Its how you create and customise your own print, filament and even printer profiles.  Just edit within Slicer and save using the save icon (the disc icon)  the tool tip says 'save current filament settings' for example on the one next to the filament dropdown on the filament tab.

If you want to share them then you have 2 options.  You can export config.   That will create an ini file with your currently selected print, filament and printer settings.  The other option is to export a config bundle.   That exports ALL custom print, filament and printer profiles in one file.  It does not export the system profiles though.

Its how people normally create backups of their settings.  You can import them in on other machines etc.  

The created files are just ini files so you can open them up in a text editor.  For example once you have an export you could delete all the printer and print profiles which would just leave you with all the filament ones.  Anyone importing that config bundle would then get all the filaments.

The difference between importing a configurations and a configuration bundle is the bundle is permanent, the config isnt.  Import a bundle and the profiles get added to those installed.

Import a config and its like loading in the settings from a project.  They will be there in the dropdowns and available but next time you start slicer they will not be there.  If you decide you want to keep them you have to use the save icon to save them to your settings.  Just like loading in someones saved project file, just without the model(s) on the plater.

As for places to share them.  Cant help you there.  There are a few threads in the Prusa Slicer sub forum at the bottom of here that have some attached conifgs but afaik there's no official place.  There are probably face book groups but as I dont have a facebook account I couldn't say.

Posted : 02/02/2021 9:30 pm