Help: Self-Test Error - Heater/Thermistor Not Connected  

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I am getting an error that reads "Please check: Heater/Thermistor not connected" during the heatbed portion of the self-test during the setup wizard.
I've inspected both the power cables and thermistor and don't see any physical signs of damage. I've also double checked they are in the correct location as shown in the assembly handbook.
When turned on and connected, the thermistor is getting an ambient temperature reading. However, when trying to pre-heat the bed and extruder I am not getting any current readings from the heatbed power cables. I've even tested the EINSY board power connections for the heatbed with my multimeter while trying to manually preheat the bed and those failed to show a current reading.
This leads me to believe it is the thermistor cable is the source of the issue but am unsure how to test/ proceed. Photos below for reference
Thanks for the help!
Posted : 25/05/2020 6:28 pm
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The thermistor should measure a resistance about 100k at room temperature using a multi-meter. It can be difficult to find the exact spot on the wire where the break is, but bending  it and constantly measuring with multi-meter is the easiest way.

It can be soldered again, but no guaranty that it won't break again. You can get a replacement from Prusa Shop.

Have a look at my designs on Thingiverse or on PrusaPrinters ;)...
Posted : 26/05/2020 1:40 am
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I think I'll order the replacement for peace of mind... thanks for the help!

Posted : 26/05/2020 10:43 pm

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