funny artifacts with woodPLA  

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Hi guys,

I got some funny looking artifacts on a recent print. Filament was a local brand woodfill PLA and I have successfully printed with the stuff not too long before those blobs appeared. Printing in the middle of the suggested temperature range (@200degrees, suggested range 190-220) and had prints with lots of stringing with that temp. I reduced the extrusion multiplier from 1.1 to 0.97 and those blobs were the result.

And the bridges were also pretty awful.

Could anybody kindly point me in the right direction as to what I did wrong this time?

Posted : 02/07/2020 6:40 am
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As an experienced user, wood PLA challenged me. I often have to heat it higher than standard PLA.

Posted : 02/07/2020 10:10 am

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