First layer problems with support material  

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I have a part the needs support material. When the first layer is being laid out the parts that are related to the part lay down just fine with no problems. The support material is not as cooperative. Sometimes it sticks okay, other times it does not stick so well and then it gets caught on the nozzle and the PINDA and tears the first layer of the support material off in places. Sometimes if the damage is not to bad to the first layer I can pause it and cut away the parts sticking up and then resume and all is okay. Any ideas what the part material sticks so well to the platter and the support material does not. Sometimes the thing will just work perfectly but that is the exception. Out of 10identical parts so far I have had only 4 that started without problems. The others and required intervention or a complete wipe off and start over. 

Posted : 01/09/2020 1:37 am
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Small supports seem to be the most tricky on the first layer.

I'll make yet another call-out for the Layerneer Bed Weld adhesive.

It's not a substitute for keeping the plate clean, but it sure helps when things just don't want to stick.

Posted : 01/09/2020 1:49 am
Peter M
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For best sticking:

1.  Clean bed, wash with dish soap(a few times).

2. First layer needs to be 100%.

Both are needed for best sticking to bed.(And very important).

If still not working, more heat in extruder for first layer, and more heat in bed, and  slow down first layer speed.

And do a test with a heat tower for both filaments.

Posted : 01/09/2020 8:03 am

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